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First bail request (30.03.2019 – denied
by Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech Second bail request (29.10/31.10.2019) – granted
by Judge Judge Aaron Bugeja Presiding judge: Magistrate Nadine Lia
(in office since Feb, 2019, daughter in law of former Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat’s, lawyer)

Prosecution legal team: Omar Zammit and Christa Armeni

Defense legal team: Cedric Mifsud (Mifsud&Mifsud) and Neil Falzon (Aditus)

28.03.2019 – Arrest of the El Hiblu 3
30.03.2019 – Introduction of charges, including terrorism Initial bail request for the three denied 09.04.2019 – Submission of prosecution and defense 24.06.2019 – Attorney requests independent age assessment 12.09.2019 – Prison authorities reject request for interpreters provided by defense 24.10.2019 – Hearing adjourned to 30 October 29.10.2019 – Bail request for 19 year old 30.10.2019 – Hearing adjourned for missing documents 31.10.2019 – Bail request for two minors 07.11.2019 – Bail hearing, decision adjourned to 12.11.19 12.11.2019 – Bail hearing, decision made ‘in camera’ 15.11.2019 – Bail granted 20.11.2019 – El Hiblu 3 are let out of jail on strict bail conditions